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1. Brief introduction

The department of dermatology and venerology was founded in 1958. In the past 30 years, it has made great strides under the leadership of distinguished professor Shi Lian. Currently, there are more than 10 professional medical staffs, including 1 Ph. D. supervisor and 2 master’s supervisor in the department. It has become a large-scale comprehensive dermatosis department with advanced medical technology and all types of treatments, integrating medical treatment, teaching, and scientific research. There are more than 100000 outpatient or emergency visits in the department each year。

Our department was approved as the clinical pharmacology base of the Ministry of Health in 1998. In 2000, the STD clinical diagnosis and treatment center of capital medical university was founded in our department. In 2005, the school of dermatology and venerology was founded. Equipped with advanced medical equipment, it also has a group of diligent and devoting staff members, providing sufficient material insurance and human resources for clinical diagnosis, treatments, education and research. The department is well equipped with expert outpatient service, specialist outpatient service, special needs outpatient service, treatment room and laboratory. In response to the trend of population aging, our department established clinical research for senile skin disease, special outpatient service, developed and deployed of topical drugs. We established special outpatient service for senile STD, senile allergic skin diseases and senile skin tumor. At present, we provide many kinds of services: skin pathology, STD detection and treatment, fungi strain identification, allergen identification, laser cosmetology, besides routine diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic diseases.

Our purpose: with the most advanced medical technique, the best medical quality, the reasonable medical cost, and the most comfortable hospitalization environment, we provide the best medical service.

2. Introduction of specialists

Professor Shi Lian:

Ph. D mentor,

Trained in the research institute of dermatology of Thailand,

Chairman of department of dermatology and venerology of capital medical university,

Chairman of STD clinical diagnosis and treatment center of capital medical university,

Member of standing committee in Chinese medical association dermatological society, and vice leader of the venerology group,

Vice chairman of Beijing STD and AIDS prevention & treatment association.

Professor Shi Lian is rich in clinical experience and skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases. Thanks to his strong sense of responsibility and wisdom for the development of the discipline, the dermatology department of XuanWu hospital has gradually developed and expanded. Under the guidance of professor Shi Lian, our department continuously developed varieties of business and improved the level of medical treatment and scientific research. Currently our department is among the top level domestically in the research of sexually transmitted diseases and the Chinese albino genotyping research. Professor Shi Lian is leading many national and municipal scientific research projects and he has published more than 60 academic papers. He participated in the compilation and publication of several treatises on dermatology and venerology. Since the fifth edition, he has been the editor of Dermatovenereology of the people's health publishing house. Over the past ten years, he has carefully guided the master's and doctoral candidates. Under the influence of his words and deeds, the dermatology department of Xuanwu hospital has formed a team of unity, cooperation and progression.

Figure P21: Professor Shi Lian.

Professor Wei Zhu:

Master mentor,

Chief physician,

France, 2001, (received training and obtained AFSA certificate )

Chairman of department of dermatology and venerology of Xuanwu hospital

Vice Chairman of department of dermatology and venerology of Capital Medical University,

Member of the national cosmetology group of the dermatology and venereal diseases committee of the Chinese medical association,

Member of skin venereal disease committee of Beijing medical association,

Member of the abnormal reaction committee of the Beijing medical association

Professor Wei Zhu has enriched abundant experience in clinics in the past 20 years. She has published more than 10 research papers and 4 treatises. She has completed a number of studies on molecular biology of venereal pathogens and etiology of allergic skin diseases, and was awarded the highest level of prize by Beijing Municipal health bureau. Currently, she’s leading the research and clinical projects funded by the capital medical development fund, Beijing science and technology commission and l 'oreal Chinese healthy skin research project on skin aging and photoaging.

Figure P22: Wei Zhu

3. Medical treatment

Our department is in the top domestic level of research in STD. We have several advanced molecular biology instruments, such as hybridizer, fluorescent PCR and LCR, which enable accurate diagnosis of various STD pathogens.

1) LCR analyzer for STD pathogen: sensitive, specific and noninvasive.

2) Molecular hybridizer for HPV: Currently the most advanced HPV DNA detection method, and it simultaneously finish genotyping for early diagnosis of cervical carcinoma

3) eSTAR automatic enzyme-labelled immunity analyzer (Cowealth Biotech): compared with in vivo test, safer and more accurate, able to make quantitative diagnosis irrespective of medical treatment.

4) photon multifunctional work station (alma lasers): able to tender skin, remove spots, depilate hair, cure acne and remove epidermal lesions

5) VISIA (canfield) for skin detection and analysis: use spectral imaging technology to instantly reflect skin damage

Figure P23-25: Equipment

4. Education

Our department is the basis of teaching and training of dermatology venereal diseases of capital medical university, and also the location of the department of dermatology and venereal diseases of capital medical university. For many years, we put lots of efforts in talents cultivation, teaching quality improvement, and the subject construction and development promotion. In the meantime, we invited domestic famous skin venereal disease experts as the consultant for the development of the discipline. Currently we have constructed a high quality teaching team, established and perfected various teaching rules and regulations, and cultivate a group of highly professional young skin venereology workers with strong research capacity.

Since 1998, we have hosted multiple sessions of "clinical research and development of sexually transmitted diseases" continuing medical education courses, which have made important contributions to improve the level of dermatologists in the diagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases. At the same time, we provide annual training from dermatologists and technicians from all over the country

Figure P30: To improve the teaching level of young teachers, the department of dermatology and venereal diseases regularly organizes "teacher training courses".

Figure P31: In 2007, we hosted "the class of advances in laboratory research on sexually transmitted diseases"

Figure P32: Every year when students graduate in July, teachers will have mixed feelings

5. Scientific research

Currently, our on-going research projects include STD and AIDS prevention and treatment, genetic epidemiology of important skin diseases and family sample collection (subdirectory of national 863 project), and clinical study on skin aging and anti-aging.

From 2006, we have conducted extensive cooperation with institute of genetics and developmental biology of CAS in genotyping albinism. We have collected almost 50 albinotic family. We found four new types of mutations in these families with eight previously reported mutations (two of which were found in Chinese albinotic patients for the first time). Among them, one mutation is a high-frequent mutation in Chinese albinism.

From 1998 to 2006, we have conducted extensive cooperation with the L’oreal clinical research department in skin types, wrinkles, pigmentation and effects of small peptide on treatment of skin aging.

Figure P33: Professor Shi Lian is teaching his student

Figure P34: Certificates

Chromosome watermarking effect

6. Culture

We adhere to the "skilled in profession, detailed in progression, strict in management, novel in innovation" as a development policy, pursuit the goal to become the new first-class research team in profession, progression, management, and innovation. In the meantime, we also emphasize on cultural construction in the department. We put the development of culture, research and professions on the same level, and improve the clinics, research and education simultaneously.

Figure P41: Professor Shi Lian and his students taking a photo at the first anniversary party of the department of dermatology and venereal diseases of capital medical university.

Figure P42: Versatile young dermatovenereology masters and Ph. Ds.